Rifts are shipping from Kentucky US warehouse.

And UPS destroys/damages things all the time. This isn't an isolated problem. They also have terrible service and treat their drivers like crap.

Dude, really? I've worked at a warehouse and talked to drivers from the big 3. Stop claiming that crap as fact. UPS even pays their drivers more and has better benefits than Fedex...and UPS destroys/damages things all the time FOR YOU.

They treat you business customers fine, but they treat their home delivery customers like crap and that's not anecdotal but built into their policies when it comes to restrictions like "Direct signature only" when they're only willing to deliver when people work. Guess what I got when I tried dealing with Fedex on Home Delivery for almost an entire week.

I got no apologies from them. I got no help (just a lot of finger pointing and citing corporate policy). I lost a lot of money (vacation time is money and at my salary a fair deal of it) trying to save my package from being returned on the third and final attempt. Newegg gave me my shipping cost back after I took it out on them for putting all the restrictions on, but Fedex made no attempt whatsoever to even appear sorry, from management of their support lines down to the local driver who made it my fault that he couldn't deliver whenever he wanted. Even after I elevated it to management at the very end, it had the same effect as talking to a brick wall. They're inflexible to anyone who isn't with a business and really my original comment was all about how grateful I am that UPS is handling the signature only residential deliveries. If it were Fedex, next week would be another very bad week even with me eventually getting my Rift. It isn't Fedex though, so I'm relieved that I can focus on things like work and grad school instead of trying to save my Rift from being returned back to Oculus by working part time as someone who keeps their support lines busy and unable to assist people with more reasonable issues. UPS will deliver my Rift just fine and undamaged.

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