Is it right to get angry about the objectification of men too?

It's super feminist to speak up abput boundaries, personal space, and treating others with respect and dignity. I'm a sex educator and frequently teach people it isn't cool to body shame or touch without asking. Also am a sex worker and cis straight women are notorious for behaving badly because it seems like they can't understand that they are equally inappropriate/ assulting when violating consent.

One note: hurt people hurt people. So if you've been publically objectified your whole life, and groped, and commented on, and had you boundaries constantly violated or faced constant harrassment passed off as humour it can feel powerful to do that back at the people you perceive yourself to be a victim of. Or it can feel like you've finally chilled out and joined the locker room talk club and aren't so sensitive and delicate and can pussy grab or ass pinch with all the other ppl in power. Also women are constantly being told how sexual men are and that a female body is the ultimate treat and reward and dudes are just walking erections who always want it. That myth needs to die.

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