Do you have the right to be annoyed if your best friend of X years becomes friends with someone you absolutely hate? Why? Is this a sign of disrespect?

I thought you worded it great- and yea i read them so I'm just going to say no you don't need to tell reddit your reasonings for hating her for them to become valid lol. We dont need to know as long as youve explained it to your friend. If she doesnt care then you really only have two options seeing as you cant make her cut the other off. Yoy just need to take some you time away from her- few days or a week or so. Ask yourself if you can live without her. Would it be easier on you to not feel stressed by this. Can you make more friends or do you have others to fall back on? And how will you go about a friend break up? In my experience, if you take this choice its best to call with a phone or meet in person somewhere you have an excuse to leave. If you stay you need to make sure this other girl is erased from your life through your friend- so don't ask or talk about her and ask your friend not to bring her up. Just compare how your life would be one way or the other

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