The right are in power everywhere – but they can't stop playing the victim

I am really tired of BBC radio commentators decrying "cancel culture" without being able to describe what being cancelled means.

As a millenial, when I say someone is "cancelled" I mean "I used to rate this person, I no longer rate them, I criticise them for their stated beliefs, I will no longer give them attention or money".

I'm not sure what's so monstrous about this. I used to like JK Rowling having read her books as a child. Over time I've become uncomfortable with the anti-trans rhetoric she tweets. I don't find her explanstion acceptable or believable. I don't like her anymore.

Is this honestly worth throwing your toys out the pram over? "Cancel culture" is just individuals deciding they're not fans of someone anymore. If lots of people stop liking you, maybe you're doing something that's not great.

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