"I have a right to feel beautiful!!! OMFG DID YOU JUST OFFER ME A 'LARGE'? IT'S CAUSE I'M FAT ISN'T IT?!"

  1. chub rub

As an average sized chick with thick thighs who used to suffer from this, I know this can be remedied with various leg exercises (and a good diet- but let's not get crazy.)

  1. people who see us as a fetish

Um, anyone who finds you sexy should be applauded.

  1. cute clothes are never in our size

Nobody is about to make a "cute" miu miu anytime soon. It doesn't exist.

  1. when clothes are our size, they never fit right

Your various bulges are the cause of this.

  1. boobs, belly, hip, but, ratio

Not even fit women have a "perfect" ratio of ass to boobs to hips etc, but don't spend much time worrying about it because they actually have self-esteem.

  1. people regularly call you “fat,” as if you never knew

I mean, I regularly hear people say the sky was blue. It's just that plain to see. Skinny people regularly get called skinny too. You could, you know, fix that by losing weight.....

  1. “you can have the front seat” when traveling with friends & family

0/10 people want to be squished next to a fat person in a confined space.

  1. you can never find a towel that goes all the way around you

"You can never find a stick long enough to reach your ass in the shower"

  1. people are surprised when you order a salad instead of a burger

It's so rare- like a solar eclipse. Don't mind us for marveling at it.

  1. “oh honey, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful”

Compliments are problems now? Are you receiving too many or something?

  1. painting your toe nails

Maybe you can find a nail polish stick to match your shower stick.

  1. doing up shoes with the buckle on the sides

If you have problems painting your toenails, I'd imagine you'd have a problem putting shoes on.

  1. people who think fat girls don’t have sex

It's not that we think you don't have sex- we'd just prefer not to think about you and sex period.

  1. cute bra’s and panties in your size are impossible to find

Even skinny 36D girls complain about this. For some reason, once you get past a C cup, bras are more monochrome and less cute.

  1. public transport at rush hour

Please refer to #7.

  1. fat girl clothes prices

More material = Higher cost to make = More expensive. That's basic common sense.

  1. judged if you eat too much, judged if you eat too little

Guess those are the only two options, right?

  1. the crotch/in between the thighs if your trousers rip too often

Probably cause your "chub rub" area rubbed it so much that it finally gave up and surrendered.

  1. “sore throat?” .. “Yeah…” …. “It’s because of your weight”


  1. squeezing past people and still rubbing your body against them

An "excuse me" helps but not much.

  1. body hair in places you never knew existed

.....Huh? Fat = Hair now?

  1. “you’re so soft can i use you as a pillow?”

If you look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, chances are you're going to hear somebody say that at least once.

  1. the stare of death you receive from other fat girls in public

Seriously? You're hostile toward each other now? Fucking why?

  1. “you’re so pretty for a fat girl”

Whoa, maybe I should take back #10. You really are getting compliments all over the place.

  1. no matter who you’re with in public you both get dirty looks

Who the fuck is going around staring daggers at fat chicks and everyone they associate with? Every look you receive cannot possibly be a dirty one unless you're literally Hitler.

  1. shopping with thin friends and only trying on shoes and jewellry

Do they force you to do so? Do they slap dresses and t-shirts out of your hand every time you pick one up?

  1. “would you like that meal as a large?”

This is what got me the most. I'm pretty sure any cashier who says that has to say it to EVERYONE, not just fat folks. It's not all about you.

  1. stairs

The horror.

  1. the fact that it’s socially acceptable to make fun of fat people

Not only that, but it's damn good fun too. I'm pretty sure it's socially acceptable to make fun of skinny people, but what do I know?

  1. booths in restaurants

Having finite space to eat SUCKS.

  1. your family automatically plate up XL portions of food for you

They're just saving you the calories you would have burned doing it yourself.

  1. “have you put on weight?” at every family gathering

Have you not?

  1. you can never find pretty bangles or rings that fit you

We've already established that nobody wants to make fat people clothes because higher cost blah blah blah, you're not even listening to me, are you?

  1. “you should go to the gym with me”

You really should. Going with a friend often means they can get you in for free too.

  1. “you’d be so much prettier if you lost 100lbs”

Sorry- "You'd be so much healthier/happier/stronger/prettier/etc if you lost 100lbs"

  1. irregular periods

Yikes. Your body is straining so much under all your fat that regular body functions become a struggle.

  1. we’re treated worse than murderers/rapists/pedophiles by society

That is extremely not true and shocking that you would even go so far as to say that.

  1. people are shocked when they see you eat fruit

Please refer to #9

  1. “fat girls have to try more with their personalities”

Well, yeah. When looks aren't an option, you've got to fall back on something.

  1. we’re made to feel like shit by society, and it’s fucking wrong. We are fucking beautiful. We have as much right to love ourselves and feel great, just like every other human being. Rock on fat girls.

You do nothing but throw pity parties for a condition that you're 100% responsible for and expect everyone to bend over backwards to cater to your feelings. You're selfish, lazy, naive, and sad.

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