Right to repair in 60 second by Louis Rossmann

Woah! What up you!!

Like I said I’ve seen many of your videos and you center a great deal around Apple products.

Im not here to defend them but you are bias towards them. Maybe the name brand sticks in peoples minds and that’s why or maybe it’s just one of those brands people love to hate but at the end of the day you are extremely bias towards using them as the center of the right to repair issue which is prevalent EVERYWHERE.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s a trillion dollar company and ultimately I didn’t care to save face for them.

It’s the residual effect of your bias that causes me to not want to watch your videos.

This dudes comment I replied to seems to think it’s inherently a problem only with Apple. And part of that is on you. And other people who use YouTube for monetary purposes to push an agenda not because it’s true but because it gets you views.

As an example I hate videos from Unbox Therapy and Linus Tech Tips for the same reason. I completely stopped watching when they made excuse after excuse for the Samsung folding phone on release with all of its issues.

I understand you run an Apple centric shop and I understand the impact name brands have on the subconscious especially when speaking with congress in a limited time.

But putting it on the title but still only really focusing on Apple in the video and showing me examples of when you don’t do it doesn’t come close to the amount of times you do center on them.

I challenge you (for your own knowledge) to go through all your videos and calculate how many times you talk about Apple verses any of those of brands you mentioned and I’m certain it’s a pretty significant variable.

And you know what… and the end of the day… that’s okay. It’s a free country.

But I won’t watch your videos.

Ps. I’m sorry if I come off like I dick. I usually talk pretty directly in life and it doesn’t translate well in text.

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