Rightt wing folks are more likely to be triggered in real life than the left.

Before you jump on to calling OP left scum or some shit, I am far from wrong. I'd say he's a mental /slightly right-leaning Texan. To the left, I may as well be right.

But holy shit, the amount of triggered lef-wing fucks I see day-to-day baffles me. I'm not talking about keyboard warriors saying "well ACTUALLY" in Facebook comment sections from the safety of an anime profile picture - I mean people out in public getting triggered over the most MENIAL shit. I was out in Walmart a week ago and the cashier said happy holidays to an older woman, and she got REEMED out for not saying "Christmas". Can you say "snowflake"? Like I get it's Texas, we are all religious as shit here, but someone is wishing you well and you decide to get offended?

Anothet one, a month back, my local library (pretty small ) decided to change it's three single bathrooms (aka their own rooms, not just three stalls in one large room) into gender neutral toilets. This went from a disabled toilet, a men's toilet, and a women's toilet, to just all gender neutral. Some parent wrote in to the local paper about how it was "against God's will" and "putting children at risk" to do so. Firstly... They're single-toilet rooms? If you lock the door, you're fine. Secondly, the disabled toilet was always "gender neutral", and you never cared about endangering the disabled kids???

Honestly, the amount of triggered cons I see in person (and to be fair, online too, just look in the comments section of any online newspaper) is just astounding. 0 self awareness. Maybe it's just heightened because of where I live, but the irony here is killing me.

so I tried to read this mess and in no situation does it mention that the people in the story were one political affiliation or another.

OP seems to be angry at society and wants to pin it on the right.

Poor OP, miserable fella. He needs him a heckin' good doggo pupperino with a mlep.

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