Rina and Portwell thoughts

Team Portwell 100% I think ricky should just focus on himself and not get in the middle of EJ and Gina. I don't even get why most of y'all ship rina so much saying "they've always had a connection" like that's literally the dumbest thing ever. EJ and Gina belong together and S2 showed that. If Gina really goes back to ricky it will be a stupid move because EJ literally bought her a plane ticket so she could be at the show,picked her up at the airport and don't forget that HE WAS LITERALLY HER FIRST KISS. So to throw all of that away to someone who treated her as a second choice is REALLY stupid. Plus Ricky and Lily still have to have a lil chat so who knows how that's gonna go down. He will probs find out about the whole stealing the harness thing tho. So that should be his lil sign to take a break on relationships.

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