[The Ringer | by Kevin O'Connor] Giannis Antetokounmpo, Beyond Numbers: The Box Score Doesn't Properly Describe the Greatness of Giannis

2018 Finals, the bucks managed to sweep the entire east 16-0 as the LeDecline hits and Giannis Antetekoumnpo leads them to the wins. On the west, the Spurs have beat the warriors in a close series, beating them 4-3 in a comeback upset against the warriors' 3-1 lead. Kawhi Leonard leads them in ppg, assists, rebounding, and steals with 30/8/8/3 respectively. After the close first 6 games, the series is tied 3-3, and is now a win or go home series. The game 7 is close and with 2 minutes left on the clock on the 4th, is tied, at 120-120. As the Spurs realize that they could possibly lose, they release their weapon, "Maximum Overdrive Robot Kawhi" Kawhi goes on to score 10 straight buckets in the next 30 seconds. The Greak Freak all of the sudden breaks out his shell to reveal an alien, proving Kevin O'Connor's conspiracy. Alien Giannis goes on to go on a scoring rampage to tie the series again with 5 seconds left on the clock. The score is tied, 140-140, and with the last possession, they give it to Robot Kawhi for the last iso play. Kawhi lets the clock wind down, and with 1 second left on the clock, shoots the game winning 3. BUT OUT OF NOWHERE, DEVIL LEBRON COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND BLOCKS HIS SHOT. LeBron goes on to win Finals MVP, and continues to decimate the court. And with little hope left, the players and fan pray to their savior:

I believe in Curry, the Skyfucker almighty,

creator of three's and buzzerbeaters.

I believe in threezus, Curry's only Son, our toaster lord,

who was conceived by the Holy Draymond,

born of the Steve Kerr,

suffered under 3-1 leads,

was toasted, died, and was buried;

he descended to the Larriors.

On the third month he rose again;

he ascended into the 1st seed,

he is seated at the right hand of the skyfucker,

and he will come to judge the cavs and the spurs.

I believe in the Holy Draymond,

the holy dubnation,

the communion of the faithful fans,

the forgiveness of bandwagoners,

the resurrection of the dubs,

and the threes everlasting. Amen.

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