Ringer Union on Twitter

Can you name literally anybody in this field who has recently built a brand on Twitter/IG without any help whatsoever?

It’s 2020. The social media market is completely oversaturated. It’s damn near impossible to stand out from the crowd. You saying “just go get Twitter famous” like it’s some easily accomplishable task is ridiculous.

Bill has an established brand of 20+ years that he could use to his advantage to help his staff out. Giving 15 mins in a 2 hour pod to talk to a staff about an article they wrote (that Bill allegedly wants people to read) is not asking too much.

The simple fact is that Bill thinks because he was able to get famous 20 years ago on the internet that his staff should be able to as well.

Bill doesn’t give a fuck about his staff succeeding. He cares about the 5 people that rode with him from Grantland to Ringer and that’s about it.

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