Riordanverse is actually pretty grimdark

Before I say anything, I want clarify that I completely agree with your premise here. However, I think we often forget that they are in fact...gods. We can’t uphold them to the values and morals of humans. The Olympians in this case were born into the world of immortality. It’s kinda expected that they would have sociopathic & psychopathic qualities at the same time. As you said, the myths themselves, no matter what interpretations they are from, (i.e. Hesiod, Homer, Apollodorus, Ovid, or Virgil), are just explanations for the people of the time to create explanations or the world around them, so not valid for justification. But even in actual mythology, Kronos was a He ate his children because of his fear of a prophecy. I’m not sure how empathetic he can be. The Titan rule is called the Golden Age, but only because it was the Titans and other minor gods and spirits inhabiting the earth. Prometheus hadn’t created mortals yet. So we actually don’t know how benevolent the Titans would’ve been. But I wouldn’t bet on it being good. And I mean, Zeus and the olympians have shown to be merciful at some points. They didn’t send every minor god and Titan to Tartarus. But again, not excusing their wrongdoings.

But in the end I still completely agree with you. The Olympian and Titan rule would’ve probably been similar in cruelty and whatnot. We just don’t know tbh

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