Riot Games reverses course on class action settlement and tries to force gender discrimination plaintiffs to arbitrate

In my personal opinion, the "metoo" movement was a lot about getting revenge. While also trying to improve the lives of women. There were plenty of horrible incidents that were exposed and rightfully so. But a lot of people had their lives ruined from false accusations, or stories being over exaggerated.

Back when the article about riot misstreating women was released. The majority of the stories seemed over exaggerated or like the teller had a completely different experience, than the other people in the room. I'm not saying that about all the stories from the incident, but only that a lot of them seemed "off".

The metoo movement has definitely helped bring awareness, to injustice in certain workplaces. It has also ruined the lives of many people.
A lot of celebrities or just normal people in general. Have lost their job and gotten a bad reputation. They'll most likely never get their normal lives back. All because of a person looking for attention or to feel special.

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