RIP good riven players

I think this is more than a little different from orbwalking.

Orbwalking is an easier concept, and most people cant even do that right.

I think Riots looking at whats necessary to do Rivens full combo and thinking its clunky. Look at half the damn responses in this thread, a large amount of people are complaining thinking that all you had to do before was start an auto attack. Theres even some responses here being saying the combo is done another way and thats not correct either.

Even the more dedicated people seem to not fully grasp the concept.

And it makes sense, this is one champion in the game that has the most i would say mechanically complex combo and you are taught nowhere to do any of these things, this has all came from learning from extremely high elo players and if you have not watched their videos (which have to be fully slow mo to even see whats being done)

Then, perhaps the issue is it is too clunky. Theres nothing wrong with animation canceling, infact on a lot of champions you can quickly find out which animations you can cancel.

and even at that rate, looking up "Riven animation cancels" doesn't even guarantee that you will see THESE animation cancels. As riven has like 10 other animation cancels. EQ EW ER hydra

Then you have Rivens combo which is even odder than all other combos, in that you have to constantly be entering move commands but then giving the game an attack command before you actually move.

All in all, its impressive that something like this is even found that in the first place.

But it also makes Riven balance very hard. Because some people can do her burst in half the time, most people can't. Puts her in a very odd spot balance wise.

Orb walking is a general skill and doesn't apply to the balance of one champion and allow them to do their entire burst combo 50% faster.

I dont know how to feel, but this is a definite issue.

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