RIP if you live in Florida, seriously

Alright, I'm prepared for the downvotes but here it goes:

I am a native Minnesotan college student who was on spring break last week in St. Petersburg, Florida. I've essentially been put to only online classes in my state so I am riding out the virus in Florida with my family.

Since my step mother is a travel nurse down here, I have been getting a lot of information on the virus. Sad to say, a lot of people down here don't care about the virus either because they know they can overcome it or simply because they don't care about the consequences. So, my family and I have been sure to keep our selves clean but we also went out to restaurants and bars frequently because we knew how to stay sanitized until the governor has practically shut down the state today.

That being said, the virus itself is surface based. Essentially you could go out to eat with a packed house; and, if you made sure to wash your hands before you eat and after you leave you will be perfectly fine. People who have contracted the virus are recommended to stay home and self-quarantine. The folks that are out at the beaches and in large groups have once again, made the precautions before they went out or just simply said fuck it.

I'm not saying you shouldn't prepare for the worst but to completely empty grocery stores is just foolish (at least according to my step mom).

TLDR: Based on a travel nurse in Florida, just wash your hands and take precautions. Don't empty out grocery stores based on a surface virus that can easily be avoided by basic hygiene.

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