RIP Kurt Cobain

I'm 25 and although outwardly modest and self-deprecating, I know that I'm always the Alpha in every room I walk into. I'm extremely attractive and told so every day of my life by a variety of men and women. I'm the best employee in my physically demanding work place and I work AS HARD AS THE BOYS, no complaints. I earn every raise and I earned my supervising position. My female coworkers are total Betas and while that is inconvenient for me when I need the job done faster, it is their loss. I am well respected by my boss and my male coworkers, who do what I want when it needs to be done. I have spent the last year sober and getting into the best shape of my life. I am extremely diligent with my training and nutrition and guess what - I'm one of the "hardbodies" I used to be so envious of. Even before I got into amazing shape, I was a head turner and attracted all varieties of men. Now I GLOW; my health is truly radiant. I used to think there was something wrong with me because men would have a hard time looking in my eyes - now I know. I am a beautiful person physically and from within. I embrace being Alpha Female because it means you are RESPECTED. I am a kind, compassionate, warm woman. I'm not afraid to put anyone in their place when they are rude and therefore WEAK. Calm, cool, and collected. Mom was an Alpha. She died of cancer when I was 17 but always told me - calm, cool, and collected. Men I dated years ago still pine for me. Their loss. The man I am with now is the man of my dreams. A strong, masculine, hard working farmer who is kind, patient, and loving. Ladies, if you're missing out on this kind of love, ask yourself - are you living to your FULL POTENTIAL as a human being? I have chosen to embrace my feminine and masculine qualities and work hard as FUCK and have been rewarded for it. Men have written songs about me and women want to be me. Alpha females are REAL and despite all of this, I am down to earth and probably the best person you could hope to know. I am an Alpha Female and there is no better feeling on earth.

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