RIP robot baristas: 3 locations of SF's Cafe X abruptly close

Totally. We have a $20K automated machine in our office that uses 3 different whole beans and can make the entire line of various coffee based drinks. But I rarely use it.

Going to a coffee shop is about the ritual.

  • Walk in, look around to see who else is waiting (any attractive girls?)
  • In line. "Mmm.. what sort of crap is Starbucks selling today? No way I would ever buy food here. Ah... that's an interesting mug.. $15? No way!"
  • Get up to the counter (wonder who is working today? The weird but nice tatted up chick with the huge plugs? The emo guy? The shy girl with beautiful eyes?)
  • Try to smile and order my large coffee - always say "large" as I'm never gonna use Starbucks corp speak words.
  • Go to condiment station. "Mmmm... should I throw in some cinnamon today? Yeah, grab a bunch of napkins for my office."
  • Head out with my $3 large coffee. I know it's not environmentally friendly but love the feeling of a hot, paper cup in my hand and will even refill that paper cup during the day with coffee from the office machine.
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