"RISE OF THE SHIELD HERO", Anime series about an Incel who gets transported to a video game world, is falsely accused of rape, and then buys a female child slave. This is real, I am not joking.

I had this debate on r/NBA a subreddit I frequent a lot and is a very progressive subreddit. I kept getting downvote to hell every comment I made. The point I tried to make is that for every man falsely accused of rape there are probably hundreds who get away with rape. And that taking a tough stand on what might be false accusations will only scare real victims who will face consequences if they are not believed. I tried to make the point that the real issue is that not enough victims are coming forward as it is. But r/NBA was not having it. I used the example of wilt chamberlain and man who claimed to have slept with 20k women in one of his books and it's kinda believable and who was never accused of rape. And the other example of an actual rapist who got away with tens of rapes bill cosby. False rape accusations are even more exaggerated than mexican ISIS members to america coming through the southern border.

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