Riskiest thing you have ever done?

Went out with a mutual friend, and my (we weren’t fucking at this point) fuck buddy and his girlfriend. We had been hot for each other for a while, and we had a little bit of an online thing for a bit. We went out to see a band, he had his hands up under my dress at the bar, it was sooo deliciously bad. We had a nice time, and were drunk by the time we left. His gf was the designated driver. He sat in the front passenger seat, I was behind his gf who was driving. He was reaching back while he was talking to us, and his hand started going further up my thigh, so I slid down the seat a bit and pushed his hand up further.. and let him finger me, in the car, with his gf driving and my friend next to me.. who saw everything. It was completely reckless..

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