Risks for autism and depression are higher if one's mother was in hospital with an infection during pregnancy. This is shown by a major Swedish observational study of nearly 1.8 million children. The increase in risk was 79 percent for autism and 24 percent for depression.

Omg dude. It is shown. Go to the study. Scroll down. They talk about a slew of disorders linked to increased maternal age and a slew of other disorders linked to increased paternal age, and link to studies that show each.

Again, for the umpteenth time...WHAT are the ages of the women these older men are impregnating? What is the age of the men?

The only way that explanation stands is if the women being impregnated by these older men are NOT women over the age of 30. Period.

What do you not understand about this?

Why is this so difficult for you to grasp?

If a 42 year old guy is impregnating a 35 year old woman you cannot possibly conclude that is a male thing and not just the fact the woman is 35!

Why do you just ACCEPT information blindly when you don't even have the facts behind it?

I don't know why you are so steadfast that sperm can't possibly be defective and that defects can't possibly come with age. Though science does have a lot of surprises, this is not one of them.

Women over the age of 30 and being the literal physical incubator of a child for 9 entire months, and all conceivable medical data pointing to women over 30, as they age, becoming increasingly susceptible to birth complications is why I find it absurd you could possibly put the blame on a man's sperm.

The only way this would be valid is if these same results showed up in women UNDER 30 at the same expected rate by any man over 35.

Then, and only then, could you say it's a man's sperm, and not simply a woman waiting too long to have a child.

So without that data, this study is complete nonsense. It's trash.

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