Riven Infographic - Displays all the info you need to beat Riven in 1 clean image

Just chiming in to say that while he may personally find 1-10 easier, on a scientific level, his method is actually harder.

The human brain naturally tries to find patterns to faster make sense of the things that our sensory organs relay to it. It will use any method that makes this process more efficient. One of these methods is much like a computing algorithm that we call divide and conquer. It means when faced with a large set, we'll naturally break it down into sections and analyse them much quicker than we would if we tried to analyse the entire set as a whole.

In practical terms, it's more natural for us to take all 10 of Riven's eyes, quickly split them into two equal sections called L and R, and count up to 5 twice for each of them, than it is for us to count up to 10 in one go.

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