Roaches in my bedroom. Cant slep

Theres a smell that roaches have. And my art box unbearably had it. I just wanna chuck it in the trash can so bad! I hate that smell. It reminds me of my old house. Its disgusting smell. I hate it

I cant throw away the art box cuz the actual box itself is my moms. And my mom is a hoarder and she doesnt want me to throw it out.

Worst part is this is second time a roach issue happend in this box. And it took lots of courage to even clean it to keel it.

I think imma throw it away and ignore my mom.... Its too disgsuting. All art supplies in it. All $100+ worth is going in trash.

I will just buy my mom a new box in future. I cant stand my mom not letting me.

It smells. Its gross. Its hard to clean. Its just bound to happen again!

Last time was 4 years ago? 5? 6?

Thid Is last straw for me

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