Road to Autumn Finals - current standing

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The VGL Autumn Qualifier participants are preparing themselves for the Round of 16, which begins this Saturday, Nov. 14 with European play at 10AM PST (19:00 CET) and North America action at 1PM PST (22:00 CET).

The points from this qualifier are combined with the prior qualifier to determine which eight teams in each region will travel to the Live Finals in Santa Ana, Calif. and Katowice, Poland, where we will crown the Autumn VGL champions. (There are a few tickets for these live championship events still remaining. Get your tickets now for the EU Live Finals and the NA Live Finals before they run out!

CURRENT LIVE FINALS POINT STANDINGS But the big question on everyone’s mind is: Which teams are going to play? This is where this weekend’s huge VGL Round of 16 and Quarterfinal games come into play. To make it understable for everyone, here is the current points breakdown by Round and Place of Finish.

In our first qualifier, points were awarded as follows: 1st place Ticket to VIPL + $5,000 USD 2nd 80 points + $1,800 USD 3rd 60 points + $900 USD 4th 40 points + $600 USD 5th – 8th 20 points + $425 USD 9th – 16th 10 points

In the current VGL Autumn qualifier, points are awarded as follows: 1st place Live Finals #1 Seed + $5,000 USD 2nd 100 points + $1,800 USD 3rd 85 points + $900 USD 4th 55 points + $600 USD 5th – 8th 35 points + $425 USD 9th – 16th 15 points

Below are the current COMBINED points standings based on the first qualifier and the ongoing Autumn qualifier. Note: A number of teams have changed names since the first qualifier but did carry over points based on similar or same player rosters.


1st VON Menance 95 2nd GankStars Vega 75 3rd Nemesis Hydra 55 4th Team Snipe 35 4th The Sillys 35 4th Frame Perfect (formerly TAS eSports) 35 4th Ardent Axiom 35 5th BOOM SHAKA LAKA 25 5th Team Mafia Omega 25 5th Vertigo Black 25 6th HH Force 15 6th Chubby Bunnies 15 6th Liberation X 15 6th Team Apex 15 6th Nemesis Titan 15 6th Raptors 15 7th Vertigo Red 10 7th Shattered 10 7th Good Not Great 10 7th Ardent Ascension 10


Team Name Points 1st SNOW (formerly Alliance) 75 2nd Angry Pandas 55 3rd Rebirth of Kingdom (formerly Team Kings/Queens) 35 3rd Media Pixel T1 35 3rd R3D Prometheus 35 4th PewPewPew Lazor 25 4th Team Blank 25 5th R3D Chimera 15* 5th Media Pixel T2 15 5th BLH 15 5th Hell Flames 15 5th Kraken 15 5th G2.Kinguin 2 15** 5th Play4Hunt 15 5th SultanS 15 5th TheNightsWatch 15 6th JoBro 10 6th RebelLion 10 *R3D Chimera traded their 80 points from the first qualifier for the special invitation ticket to VIPL in Korea. Therefore, they do not carry over any points into the second qualifier.

*G2.Kinguin was awarded a ticket to VIPL for winning the first qualifier and did not carry over any points into the second qualifier.

WATCH VGL ACTION THIS WEEKEND Watch the Round of 16 on Saturday and the Quarterfinals on Sunday at as these teams battle to secure spots in the Live Finals!

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