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To create community entertainment i like this idea. But

The term "elo hell"... please

Just like the favourite term of the community "deathball" there is always a very simple solution that people hate to hear - git gud.

Trix playing this new account may bring attention to where players need to improve but really wont change how you teach people how to play in these brackets. It just shows how a better player smashes less experienced players. A tutorial series of videos could cover this easily. (if he plans to create these videos then great)

Also the issue of people being stuck in these lower brackets have two points that ring true. Once the MM is happy your at a rating you belong in you get less elo(internal or agora etc) making it harder to climb if your win ratio is 50/50ish. A new account will gain more elo faster than an account thats settled. Most experienced players that have unfortunatly had to create alt accounts due to que times will tell you. It doesnt take long to hit high gold/plat elo with a new account.

Yes you may have feeder or terrible teammates. This happens in EVERY elo bracket trust me.

In my opinion this just comes back to where people need to learn and play more to get better at the game.

Would love to hear other opinions of all skill levels.

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