Roadrage escalates into demolition derby

Oh I was thinking of the Key and Peele skit East West bowl. Those names are a lot more ridiculous than Chapelle had. I could see Yaya Shabazz being on Chapelle. It isn't any crazier than Clayton Bigsby, Tyrone Biggums, or Silky Johnson.

But, yeah, in answer to your question, I was talking about the US. Of course, it depends on what cultures and media one frequently interacts with.

Shabazz has significance in Nation of Islam. Off hand...Malik Shabazz aka Malcom X. Many have been named after him. There has been a couple Shabazz's in the NBA recently; Shabazz Napier plays for the Wizards, I think. There was Lakim Shabazz, one of the founders of the Flavor Unit crew.

As for yaya, I played on a softball team not long ago with a Yaya. Yahya is very common in the Muslim world as it is the name of one of the key abrahamic prophets; in English he is called John the Baptist. Some other cultures use Yaya, too.

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