Robbery this morning in Carrollton, please share, if you have additional videos send them to the FB page please.

Uhm... I know for a FACT this goes on as there have been arrests in the past where the assailants have claimed they took the train to a nicer area in irder to “pull a lick”. That’s out of the criminals mouth that WAS CAUGHT. You don’t think that’s even remotely a possibility... being naive and having the inability to believe such trivial yet obvious things go on.

Criminals knowing to take affordable transportation to areas far away that can bring you right back with nicer stolen property than what you have locally.. gee.. that would take a criminal mastermind to figure out, huh?

You acting in such disbelief over something well known in the criminal circles.. laughable but hey continue to live in that world if no such thing as bad guys that are smart I suppose? Not sure I see your point at all in any way of trying to act as if that doesn’t go on at all. What would you possibly have to gain beyond some form of saving criminals feelings at the expense of possibly allowing people to act as if they couldn’t possibly be affected by crime that oniy happens in the areas poor criminals live in. That are stupid and never cause trouble in your worldview, right?

It for a fact goes on and your efforts to act as if it unbelievable serve zero positive benefits for anyone but criminals feelings and acting as if they could never possibly think of such an act... hilarious and I’ll leave it at that but.. best to ya with that while angle. Life is gone shock your ass one day with reality and you will have your head in the dirt like this.

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