Robert Bobroczky 7' tall at 12 years of age and 7'7" at 16 years

Not as hard as you may think. Soft tacos for lunch would get me over 100g alone. Eggs, hamburger, protein shakes, beans, lots of things offer protein easily enough. I would generally go for 250-300g a day myself, but again, was not doing 20k/day, about half that. So makes sense. Eggs are easiest scrambled, so maybe 8 of those generally, add some bacon to that also, about 6, who am I kidding, 10 slices, lol, and toss in some toast with butter, and hash browns, that'd be fine for breakfast. You're talking probbay 75, 100g protien there. For lunch, tacos, or burgers, probably 5 1/4 lb burgers, fries and a coke, maybe 75g there, dinner a xl combo meat pizza, about 125g. All relatively easy to stomach actually. So on a average day, about 275g at least. I say that's light on the count also because there's also snacks, a bag of chips, drinks, 1/4 gallon milk, maybe a 2nd pizza, trail bar, maybe a protein shake - never really liked them. It all adds up and you just eat what your body needs. Spent way too much money eating when I was working out like that.

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