Robert Fulford: Erdogan is turning his country into an Islam-tilted dictatorship

The points you make on ottoman Turkish here are super uninformed. First off, while the switch over to the latin alphabet may not have been necessary, the Turkish alphabet was in dire need of reform of some sort. While the switch over to latin may not have been necessary, it was not entirely ideological. Ottoman Turkish was very difficult to read, had spelling rules that makes English look like one of the most phonetic languages on the planet, and well basically something needed to happen.

One of the benefits of Turkish is that if you dont know a word, you can examine it and pretty much figure it out even if you dont use Turkish characters just via context. for example I can tell ogrenci is likely öğrenci purely based on context. This can fool somebody not educated in the Ottoman Arabic alphabet to think that the same would apply to Arabic, if they are not just thinking "oh it cant have been that bad". Let me just put it this way. Turkish is a very vowel heavy language. Every other letter is supposed to be a vowel it it is not conjugated or derived in some way. There is supposed to be no double vowels as well, with a few exceptions for loan words. Now, in the ottoman alphabet, essentially some of the most commonly used letters a e ı i o u ö ü in addition to y and v, commonly used letters as well, are represented by 3 ottoman Turkish letters in total. و‎ ی ا‎ The و‎ represents 5 letters total, and they are grouped together in such a way that you cannot figure out it contextually. This makes Ottoman Turkish a complete disaster. Like seriously, it is bad. I cannot emphasize this enough. So while the choice of latin may have been ideological in nature, the Turkish alphabet needed changing, period. Hell ottoman intellectuals were early proponents of switching over.

Now, as for teaching ottoman Language in schools. This is one of those things where I understand teaching it in latinized script, but maybe not so much in the Arabic script, as it is needlessly difficult, essentially considering how much modern Turkish has diverged from Old Turkish. Using a latinized form of Ottoman is much better in this case, and while teaching the alphabet is useful, Ottoman Turkish poems are pretty commonly taught in schools already, just with a heavy vocabulary list. Making it a separate subject is silly

Then, well, the thing is Erdoğan is putting up his face everywhere like your criticism of Ataturk, suppressing protests, arresting journalists and dominating media. He is a 21st century Ataturk in the early stages just with islamism at heart rather than Westernism. Which makes him much worse than Ataturk because at leas Ataturk, for all the criticisms there may be for him, was pretty much a run of the nationalist dictator, if not better than most for his time (which is not to say he was good). Erdoğan is trying to act like a 20th century islamist in the 21st century.

Also, the coup was kind of made up so he could sweep the army, there was little to no evidence of a coup coming he just wanted to replace the generals with islamists. Not necessarily wrong for him to want to defend itself, but it was an ideological, rather than a defensive move.

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