Robert Monroe's prophetic vision of a fleet of UFOs

I have wondered if it has anything to do with the women/girls in my family and wondered if she woke me up that night purposely or if I was just a coincidence. With the dream with the orange red ball of light, I had that dream in 2012 and it shook me up so I called my mom and asked if she had had any weird dreams the night before. At first she said no but after thinking about it for a second she said “wait I did have kind of a weird dream last night, and all of the trees around my house were pulled up and out of the ground in a circle.” Odd dream theme and timing for her alongside the one I had the same night. Have you repeatedly dreamt of being pulled through the ceiling as well? I actually went to the subreddit for the town I went to elementary school in, in Michigan, trying to reach out to anyone who went there between certain dates. Got some upvotes but no replies. I wanted to ask if they could recall any dreams that stood out to them. The therapist I went to just treated me like I was possibly certifiable so unfortunately it was of no help. This

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