[@RobertJTurbin] Just gonna say this. Respectfully. For Seattle to have a bunch of dynamic players offensively, they sure do run an undynamic style offense. Predictable. Need to throw some sauce in that thang !

Shit man, Aaron Rodgers is still doing them. They don't require a young speedster Lamar Jackson QB to work, they're a deception play and Russ is plenty fast enough.

Overload the defenses with enough run plays through PA, they'll eventually over-commit and boom we'll have more open opportunities.

The only reason I understand why we changed it up initially was probably when we had Carson, Penny, and (?) Carlos Hyde all out. An efficient PA requires decent chemistry between Russ, the RB, and the oline, so maybe they weren't confident with whoever we had left. No idea why we didn't pick it back up when they came back though, but maybe that was because the offense was on it's backfoot for the second half of the season. Too busy trying to make minor adjustments to 'gradually evolve' when we should've just radically 180'd the gameplan back to the start of the season?

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