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I'm 35.

I want you to take a single moment to consider what you just said on the internet.

"No one cares how smart you think you are."

Okay, now, please use YOUR intelligence to tell me how you know.. that of all the 42,732 subscribers to this subreddit.. not a single one of them cares about or finds my words to be in any way valuable?

Now, I'm very well aware that I'm coming across like a jerk in this situation. But that's because I took the time and effort to make a detailed post and your contribution to this was to walk up, try to say something funny and attempt to hurt my feelings (didn't happen) and walk away looking cool for other smooth brains.

I have certainly used my intelligence to have social awareness to know exactly what's going on in this conversation between you and I, the difference is you think I should be caring about the outcome that YOU want me to care about (be a likable person who says nothing of importance) when instead I have my own priorities (share information and see if anyone with a brain responds with something interesting.)

And you're all mad because your simple brain couldn't think that far ahead. I have people skills. I use them to make friends with people I think are cool, intelligent, and capable of conducting thoughtful discourse. Those people are absolutely not you.

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