Robots are going to take your job - if you're a man, that is. The Age of the Robot Worker Will Be Worse for Men. The jobs that are least vulnerable to automation tend to be held by women.

Basic income is a good sollution, but will not fix every problem. Here is why ( sorry about e wall of text)

There are 5 pillars of human needs: food, shelter, education (maslowian), social stability (safety), and healthcare.

Food can be solved today through some version of ponics depending on where you live, coupled with nutrient production through bacteria cultivation of various sorts.

Shelter is becoming increadingly cheap with the advent of 3D printed houses, solar power, and desalienation of seawater.

Education is already universally available through sites such as wikipedia (a reminder to donate to this fantastic site, it deserves to be funded, if anything is), and youtube. Search for any topic and you will get info of varying levels in response. VR is poised to solve the remsinding problem by allowing a new deeper interaction helping more mnemo-types to learn just about anything they desire.

Social stability is harder though, there is always some fucker who want to dominate others through violent means, or ways that leads to violence. It is a problem that originates from human by humans and will only be solved when no human wants to hurt another, physically or mentally. A very big problem we have tried to solve for over 6000 years.

Health-care is is the pillar that above any other depends on infrastructure. Production of machines, equipment, medicine, knowledge is based on every facett of our current technology, and logistical organisation that it becomes impossible to remove it without a reduction in effect... That leads to lives lost.

Doctors nurses and other healthcare professionals study hard, work hard, and often get treated like dirt. We understand given that any reason to come and see us is based on tragedy, pain, and suffering. While altruism is part of why we do what we do, it is not enough, sadly. Some form of reciprocity is needed, economic or otherwise. Consider how hard it is to care for someone and give of yourself, when that someone calls you whore, buttf**** and kicks, punches and spits on you. Not a job many want to do, and low hourly wage to boot.

Then there are the third aspect of research and tech-development that is specific to health-care. For it is not only about medicine and fancy new toys, but in large part about routines, methods, etc; streamlining and evaluating everything.

Almost anyone can build their own shelter ( with varying degrees of success) tedn a garden, and cook food. Research can be based on the same type of community that game modding has, but is not possible to be done without some form of community. Education ties into this, since humans tend to want to share what they know (internet sages of varying degrees of knowledge exemplify this)

Social safety requires a massive change in social construction so that anyone who will use violence or begett violence is removed from the populance. So far impossible. Unless we create a tribal system of maby 100 people with no contact with anyone else, and even then some people will begett draconian non humane treatment to stop them from hurting other people.

Health-care can be partly decentralized through tech development. Longer life-spans coupled with easy access to knowledge could very well lead toa humanity where almost everyone has a medical doctor degree (utopian thinking, I know) and molecular printing could remove the need for the massive logistics currently employed. But there is still the problem of getting people to help others even though they get no incentive. Those of us that get a psychological reciprocity from it are already working in hospitals, research, and humanitarian endevours, and we are too few to care for the rest of the world.

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