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I was at the movie theater the other day, to see Incredibles 2. The SECOND that Elastigirl came on screen I couldn't help it- she was so thicc. I imagined her stretching out her clit to peg me. I HAD to jack off. When I did, I realized that if i didn't act quickly my pants would be filled with my splooge. I had to whip out my dick and give the person in front of me a salty surprise. When he turned around he didn't understand what was happening, but when he touched his head and saw my penis pudding on his hand, he started throwing a fit. A small child behind me starting crying, and the mom went somewhere. Turns out where she was going was to snitch on me! I got kicked out, for giving a man what any well-rounded, culture-appreciating human would've loved. He was a cock-juggling, dick-slurping, ass-licking, sausage-massaging, shit-eating, skunk-fucking, thunder-cunt, worthless boil on the ass of humanity. If he didn't want my cock chowder on him, he shouldn't have sat in front of a known, world-famous, registered sex offender. God.

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