[Roche] Coach Eidevall: I don't think football can ever be that, rehearsed. It almost looks like it's a rehearsed pattern, because it's so quick and the decision making is so effective, so you think they have done this 1,000 times already, but they haven't.

Background: Jonas Eidevall previously coached in the Swedish league, taking FC Rosengård to the quarter finals before losing to Bayern Munich. He is an extremely front foot press heavy attacking minded coach, he began his life of being a keen student of the game and entering coaching early, when he was forced to give up a playing career at 17 due to knee injuries. Eidevall credits Wenger as an inspiration. His appointment is an 'exciting' left field choice over more well known names, as Arsenal has opted to for wholesale and pioneering changes. The Arsenal hierarchy has promised unprecedented investment including the construction of a new women's football complex.

Jonas claims Arsenal has the ability and must compete to win the league and Champion league this season.



Arsenal completed the following signings in the transfer window: Mana Iwabuchi (Aston Villa), Nikita Parris (Olympique Lyonnais), Simone Boye Sørensen (FC Bayern Munich), Frida Maanum (Linköpings FC).

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