Rock Carving lvl 100

Rodney Dangerfield has entered the chat

diet Normally I’d say that yer just trying to fat-shame, but hey, joke’s in you, pal — she’s already a fat shame!

health Yeah, all her doctors gave her the right directions, she ended up drivin’ laps around the beltway and callin’ it the scenic route! Last time she stepped on a bathroom scale a carnie handed her a stuffed animal and asked for his giant mallet back!

point This woman tells stories like they’re on layaway. On Tuesday I asked her how her day was and by the time she was finished it was the Shabbos and my Rabbi had to tell her to stop pushin’ my buttons! I said, I said, “Honey — what’s the point of this, all this talkin’?” She goes “The point?” I says “Yeah, what’s the point?” She says “No return!” I looked her up and down and I thought “Well, at least this one’s honest.” Alright folks, you’ve been a wonderful crowd — now get outta here, I heard they’re raidin’ this joint at midnight!”

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