Rocket League - The Fate of the Furious Trailer

I absolutely hate what they've done to the game. It could've been just a $20 game with various piecemeal packs that come over time, probably ending maybe in the $60-100 at full non-discounted MSRP when all is said and done... but no... It's that, but also a system of RNG bullshit that instantly racks up hundreds of dollars if you want a handful of items, god forbid the full complete set so you can enjoy customizing your cars like any other racing game that's ever existed. Instead of just having singular items with paint options for a reasonable price, they're $5-50 a pop, separated into dozens of individual items. Just my Alpha cap alone is worth over $300, and the boost is over $1000, so the complete set (honestly even without the Alphas) is unfathomably expensive, and you also have to go through a shady grey market filled with scammers.

Their greed creative this massive, restrictive, anti-fun mess, meanwhile Blizzard, the corporation that should be far more evil and anti-consumer than the tiny indie studio, is doing a vastly better job with adding content, listening to the community, supporting esports, and remaining pro-consumer.

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