Rocket Pass 2 has officially ended! More info about the next Rocket Pass coming this April.

  1. One Crimson holographic and one Pink. Fortunately this clears things up. It’s stupid that I have to pay for different color things in a digital medium that I may or may not get and biased to the nth degree that it won’t roll in my favor. I’m not going to buy anything else from them.

-They need to fix their servers. -I need to be able to trade all the crap I don’t want from the previous battle passes for other crap I don’t want so I can have less crap. -They need to fix the way they do business.

They’ve made so much money from micro transactions and they still can’t fix the basics. I love this game. God of War? I need to warm up with some rocket league. Horizon Zero Dawn? Gotta get in some rocket league. I wake up? Can’t start the day without some RL irl. I fucking dream about rocket league. Pink holographic wheels after more than essentially 22.5 hours of winning matches.

Then have the audacity of taking it away prematurely??? Wtf? Not any more.

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