Rod Fergusson claims the anti smoking story for Gears 5 is false and was his personal choice after seeing friends die of lung cancer.

Honestly I get the hate for smoking I really do but I can’t ignore how drinking causes the same amount of problems. Such as kidney failure or liver failure, then we have people dying from drunk driving. And innocent people dying from drunk driving but where is the push to ban drinking? Ultimately I think it’s the smell at this point that makes people focus on smoking so much more. That and drinking is socially acceptable world wide. But there’s always gonna be the dirty smoker stigma. I’m not saying I wanna smoke indoors. That’s gross. I’m just saying when have you ever heard of a outright ban on alcohol since the prohibition? But now San Francisco is banning the sale of cigarettes while bars gets people shit faced drunk every night and a few of them end up wrecking their car on the way home.

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