Rodgers Could Avoid Vaccine Scrutiny for Only So Long

I would say with Rodgers criticism it has never been about talent. When most people question or criticize him it has to usually do with intangibles and leadership. I would say a lot of that criticism (with the exception about the bad faith criticisms about his family) has been validated or at the very least doesn't look that crazy with how pathetically he handled this. He would look much better right now if he had just owned it like Kirk, Lamar or Beasley. He skirted around and led people to believe he was vaccinated, which is a way more self-centered and narcissistic thing to do than simply not getting the shot. Because he wanted to make the irresponsible decision not to get the vaccine but also wanted to avoid the criticism and responsibility that came with it and be perceived as vaccinated and not be judge. That is like textbook narcissism to an insane degree.

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