Roe vs Wade, a giant, early "October surprise?"

As other people are telling you, the only conspiracy about Roe was the conservatives planning to overturn it. Everyone knew that would be on the agenda as soon as Trump appointed justices. I think you’re just looking for an excuse on why the Republicans gave Biden the best midterms for a sitting President in 20-years. The answer is simple though, Republican politics don’t sit well with the general population and taking away certain freedoms is a guaranteed way to get voted against.

Honestly, the fact that you said, “personally, I think the Dems were somehow behind it”, is outright delusional. Somehow when you see conservatives doing what conservatives said they would do, you think it’s the Dems fault. Like, they said this would happen, for years various conservatives talked of overturning Roe. You can’t keep blaming your parties loses on Dems. The Republicans are only doing what they’ve said they’re going to do, but yet, somehow, you’re shocked that the general public doesn’t like it? Who would have thought taking away women’s rights, being against the gays, denying climate change, and endorsing batshit crazy candidates was unpopular lol.

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