Roger Goodell: NFL fans care more about the game than player safety concerns

So, I read that study, and I am wondering if you know of one that actually shows the results in relationship to the numbers and kinds of hits taken? This study goes through the trouble of defining HHI (basically defining the number and severity of head hits that the players took) but then did not use it in the data. Unless I just missed it. I keep hearing that these subconcussive hits to the head are more numerous in linemen and more damaging, but all the sources I have found aren't scientific articles being sourced with studies, they are more theoretical. I hope this doesn't sound defensive, as I truly don't mean it that way. And I'm not meaning to ask that you do my research for me, haha, I will continue to look. I just thought, since you had this one on hand, you might have another.

I'm having a hard time, from both a physics and anatomical standpoint, getting on board that the speed at which hits come doesn't play an effect. I agree when I watch an NFL line battle, we see head slaps and those players are coming at each other with speed for a while. But watching 10 year olds battle there- they are not fast, they are not demonstrating that start and sudden stop you are talking about. I was seeing articles talking about CTE because of kids running full speed and sliding into bases, or divers experiencing from fast speed hits into the water. I played basketball into college, and the collisions and starting/stopping speeds (even in women's basketball, haha) seem far more extreme to me than what I see on the football field. I'm just trying to find the science to back it up. Because if I need to pull my son, I will, but I don't want to just blindly replace one activity with another that's just as dangerous, simply because football is what is being studied right now. Does that make sense?

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