Roger Stone Bought Hundreds of Fake Facebook Accounts to Promote His WikiLeaks Narrative

Hmmmm. Look! A link!

Oh. It's an opinion. From the WSJ. Owned by über conservative News Corp, a.k.a. Rupert Murdoch.

Well, let's take a look...

Hmmmm... admitted that Russia interfered...

Hmmm... Some speculation that a Russian asset may have infiltrated / compromised a portion of the dossier with misinformation....

Hmmm...nothing specific in the opinion piece.

I wonder what it could be? The "dossier" was a collection of reports, filed separately by Steele. A vast majority of them have been proven 100% true. Only a few remain unproven, which is not to say they did or did not happen. Given the preponderence of factual, verified information in the dossier, I'm leaning towards "did happen".

Maybe the pee pee tape was disinformation?

Please note - not a single thing in that opinion piece refuted any of the dossier's claims. The FACTUALLY VERIFIED claims, mind you.

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