[Roger Torelló] Barça have informed Filipe Luis that they will not attempt to sign him, despite the long-lasting rumors of the signing. The club will instead bet on a younger player as a future replacement for Jordi Alba.

I’m a plastic because I’m pointing out Barca haven’t won a trophy that the players themselves have said is their priority. Ok. And again they won a league title when Atlético and Real Madrid fielded their worst teams in a decade. And under Bartomeu they’ve spent over €850 mil and that’s not including this summer. In the same time Real Madrid has spent €450 mil and won 10 trophies including a league and 3 CLs. And this is with Messi, arguably the greatest player of all time. Lmao and yes that is whataboutism. Instead of addressing the fact that Barto is responsible for one of the worst signings in history you deflect and point at other clubs.

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