Rogue responds to Get Flanked and Macie Jay

I listened to the entire thing and my take, and TLDR on this is the following. This isn't a he was "right and he was wrong", it was just immature BS on both peoples parts, that was used to create unnecessary drama.

When it comes to R9

  • He was being very difficult to deal with in general
  • Ubisoft apparently didn't want to pay for anything, and had them initially pay for their food and transport, R9 made a big scene and they got compensation.
  • R9 expected every little expense and minute be paid for as they were there for business and business only
  • R9 was very upset that some girl (the one he was interested in?) was showing people tinder, and thought it was not appropriate at work
  • R9 Was upset that they wanted to go to Barcelona to drink, and said it was a waste of shareholders money
  • R9 was upset that they went to drink locally in a smaller village and didn't invite him as he wanted to drink locally (for shareholders money?)
  • R9 was upset that Ubisoft staff didn't want to listen to his long list of game and podcast improvements
  • R9 Was pushing hard for everything to be a "professional work environment" so that he could go with the misconduct claims while talking about how they just didn't want to hang out with him in the evening.

When it comes to Get Flanked

  • Get Flanked basically created videos of this all to make content and earn money.
  • Get Flanked made everything sound 10x worse than it really was, R9 was simply being difficult and possibly a bit creepy with some girl, but still nothing to take public
  • Get Flanked sided and defended Ubisoft to save face with them
  • Get Flanked seems to "white knight" a girl, when it really wasn't necessary, they could of just ignored R9 and go on with life.

If I made any mistakes or left something out, please fill me out. I tried to not be biased.

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