[Rohlin] Melvin Booker didn't realize just how unique his son was until Devin, as a preteen in 2008, became wildly upset DET traded Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson: "He didn't go for the flashy game," Melvin said. "He understood the importance of what Chauncey would bring to a team."

So far it's not been bad, locally you have the people that stayed during the rough times telling the people that moved in during those times to stop whining about the new folks that have moved into town more than anything else.

Like there's a large contingent of folks that moved in when it was grimy that want the new people to leave and for it to stay that way, the old and new folks are the ones working together on fixing crap.

Gentrification hasn't really become a problem so far (according to the Detroit Free-press there's been a 1% shift towards college educated adults in the metro downtown since it's bankruptcy in 2013) simply because Detroit is so sprawling, there's still plenty of areas to re-build up that there hasn't been a reason to try to push residents out for their property.

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