[Rolex] My Dad gifted me this watch he had for more then 35 years. My grandfather was a horologist in his late 50s and always kept this piece precious to him because it reminded him of his wife.

I have this watch for quite a while. I was really honoured to have it because I thought my big brother would receive it. Its completely mechanical and is perpetual. It's really comfortable despite having the chain. I usually catch my classmates eyeballing it from the distance, asking me where I got it from. It's bright colour catches everyone eyes.

I also have a few other time piece as well, but this one has a special vibe. I prefer to wear it at almost every occasion, it's golden and silver colour scheme is too irresistible for me. I once got stuck in the rain and got it wet, I was worried because I thought water might cause problems if it got inside the mechanical parts. But I was relieved to find it still worked great. It's now in my daily use and I almost wear it all day unlike in the early days when I got it, when I just wore it at the occasions. My hand kinda feel awkward when I sometimes forget to wear it in the morning.

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