Rollerball (1975) Dystopia where Corporations run the Planet

There is some crossover to other Sci-Fi shows.


Richard LeParmentier plays Bartholomew's Aide, he's actually gunning for his job.
Richard played General Motti in Star Wars (1977).
Motti was choked by Darth Vader for mocking his Sith powers.


Jonathan's Guard is Angus Mcinnis
Angus played Gold Leader (Y-Wing Pilot Leader) in Star Wars (1977)


Mac McDonald plays an Executive. Seen at the big party scene I think.
Mac played Captain Hollister in the Red Dwarf (1988) TV Series.
Mac played the Flying Cop at McDonalds in The Fifth Element (1997)
Mac played a Rebel Pilot in The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

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