Why is Roman Reigns still not in the least bit over?

The notion that Roman Reigns isn't over because he doesn't get the desired babyface reaction in the year 2016, from the big event congregating stereotypical smarks i.e. vocal minority with the loudest voice, is beyond dumb.

Being over is determined by a lot more than reactions you get at live events. Other variables include; tickets sales, television ratings, merchandise sales, mainstream media attention, website traffic, etc.

"Roman Reigns is the No. 2 merchandise seller in the company right now behind John Cena." - Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer Newsletter - November 16, 2015)

In addition "Roman Reigns came 4th in a current WWE fanbase marketability study behind only John Cena, The Undertaker & Brock Lesnar." - Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer Newsletter - April 4, 2016)

To anybody who believes Roman Reigns isn't over, I suggest that you check out the Google Trends analytics links below as it's great way to gage the interest a performer generates online worldwide or in a specific country. I compared Roman Reigns with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles.



United States:


United Kingdom:


As you can clearly see Roman Reigns generates far more interest then any internet darlings worldwide. Unfortunately however interest in Reigns has decreased significantly in the U.S. & UK for the first time in over 2 years which coincides with him being de-pushed after his suspension, to the point that currently he's on par with everybody else at or around his level. It's a shame because he was on the only guy in recent years despite whom numbers had shown, could potentially transcend beyond business into mainstream star or at reach the level Batista was at his peak.

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