Romney & Obama Ask Court to Toss Libertarian Party's Debate Case, Leave Third Parties Out in 2016. “antitrust laws do not regulate politics.”

You keep on confusing yourself. I'm wondering if you have some kind of reading comprehension problem because you keep on changing my argument and then striking down a straw man. I'm going to try and make this as simple as possible. I'm going to have to educate you before I show you how you are wrong. It's kind of tedious but I guess I just have to do so.

Some resources are scarce meaning there is a limited amount of the resource. Due to this scarcity there is rivalrousness in a scarce resource meaning one person using a good prevents simultaneous consumption by another person. Due to this scarcity and rivalrousness if two people try to use the same scarce resource there is conflict and so if we would like to avoid conflict we need a rule to determine who gets to use the scarce resource at any given time.

If you'd like to deny the fact that if only one person can use a scarce resource at the same time we don't need a rule to determine who uses it, id like to see how you justify any person using that scarce resource.

Although there is no effective scarcity to air due to its abundance, if there wasn't enough oxygen for everyone to breathe we would need a system to determine who gets to breathe.

The rule to determine who gets to use the scarce resource is a property right, not a private property right as you implied i stated.

In a communal system a group of people have a property right to a scarce resource however they need to determine who gets to use it at any single moment or else they'll all fight each other to use it. Usually this would be a democratic decision.

I'm sorry you got confused on nap. Read mises, rothbard, or hoppe if you want to understand. You keep on bringing up grab world but like insaid already its an argument against a straw man. Please move on to another argument.

Most of your last statements are just a bunch of opinions so I can't even respond to most of them. You state self ownership is wrong and that people are only justified in controlling something if it benefits everyone in the long run. This means that a person is justified in enslaving someone if the enslavement is better for everyone in the long run. Do you agree with this? If you don't then you are contradicting yourself.

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