Romo to wear back brace. Garrett not ruling him out for week one.

"TONY please don't do this we can't see you get crushed again"

Tony turns around and smiles, a glimmer in his eye

"I feel great. Better than I ever have before" he whimpers, barely able to breathe.

Tony walks out onto the field dragging his left leg behind him, and training staff begging him to stop. He finally gets to the huddle and looks at the guys, flashing a smile while a single tear retracts into his eye ducts

"on 1"

Team lines up. Romo calls for the ball. It slams into his chest knocking him to the ground. He gets up to his knees and underhand-lobs it into the air as JPP comes around the corner, club swinging.

The stadium is dead silent, and all that can be heard is the muffled sound of A Michaels yelling words that will haunt New York forever

*"And Jason Witten is open... He grabs the ball... The ten, the five, touchdown Cowboys"*

Romo sheds one more year as a pile of defensive linemen compress his spinal column into a singularity.

Jerry Jones laughs maniacally: "Brandon Weeden is a real talented passer" he says, calling up Houston.

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