Ronaldo convinces Moutinho to take a penalty.

Yeah I don't know if he is a 'great' captain. There's no way of us really knowing something like that when we're just looking in. We also often lack so much of the context of what's really happening.

Maybe the best captain for me currently (I'm obviously skewed towards the premier league) is actually ashley Williams.

I'm one of those who likes to clearly separate things when I make judgements as in I try not to let one thing influence my judgement of another thing so as to avoid bias when making a judgement (which funnily enough is my own bias as those things are often actually more connected than I give them credit for). Are you sure that Ronaldo isn't being crucified for his performance because it's literally all they talk about with each Portugal game I've watched. Particularly before the Hungary game, it was insane.

I just Googled portugal euro review. I'm literally reporting them in the order they showed up in, in my browser. I rarely read news articles unless they're from reddit. These are the headlines:

1) How Portugal Overcame Poland, Cristiano Ronaldo Struggles at Euro 2016

2) Ronaldo Doesn't Make the Same Mistake: 5 Things about Portugal and Poland

3)Euro 2016 Group Stage Review: Ireland stun Italy; Portugal, Iceland progress; Goodbye, Zlatan - 1st headine that isn't critical of ronaldo and funnily enough doesn't even mention him despite being written just after his performance against hungary

4) Cristiano Ronaldo's Euro 2016: 2 Goals, Lots of Drama

5)Croatia v Portugal condemned as a shocking display of knockout tournament football actually impressed this is the first article that doesn't shit on ronaldo, just featured a picture of ronaldo "gesturing" but that's reasonable imo

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